Our previous graduates know that hard work pays off, with many staying with us after the programme…


Our previous graduates know that hard work pays off, with many staying with us after the programme…


Our previous graduates know that hard work pays off, with many staying with us after the programme…


For anyone looking for the next step after university, the Kepak graduate scheme is really an amazing opportunity. You’ll get the chance to be immersed in all areas of the business and build an understanding of where the next steps are in your career. After completing the scheme you’ll transition into a role that suits you and has been built based on your experiences while on the scheme. The best part is you’ll be working within a company that is built on internal promotions and the development of its employees.


I have had many highlights over my time with Kepak. I have been very lucky to get exposure to some really exciting and strategic projects. One of the key projects I worked on was the launch of the Blended Burger range. Kepak launched the Beefroot & Moo-Shroom burger in early 2019. These products were launched in response to the growing flexitarian trends we are seeing in the marketplace.


I’m currently involved in International Sales to the Philippines and Africa. This involves traveling to these markets, participating in trade fairs, customer visits, factories, etc. It has allowed me to gain a great understanding of the products and markets in which we deal, and also allows me to travel to many countries. Spending time in the factory has been invaluable, it’s a great way to see the full scope of the business.


The great thing about working at Kepak is the exposure to all facets of the business and the opportunity to really progress in areas that play to your strengths.
As a graduate trainee, I found there to be strong levels of support across the business, not just from your designated mentor, but also via the large community of graduates who have been through the programme.


I cannot speak highly enough of the Kepak Graduate Programme, I have had a brilliant year in which I got the opportunity to work on some fantastic projects in collaboration with various departments within the company. The training, mentoring and support you get throughout the programme really helped me succeed in my role and gave me the skills to progress in my career and take on a more challenging role within Kepak.


My graduate experience in Kepak has been extremely enjoyable, an experience which has offered me many opportunities. I am constantly learning, and have had exposure to various business units within a fast-paced working environment.  I have been lucky to work closely with very influential business leaders and learn from their feedback and support. There is never a dull moment in Kepak and every day is a learning day. I am now working in my 3rd factory for Kepak, there is still lots to learn, I am very grateful to all the people I’ve met along the way, and the friends and connections I have made on my journey.


I graduated with a degree in Agricultural Science and now I am working in Human Resources, it really has been an amazing journey to say the least! The Kepak Graduate Management programme was the right fit for me because, like many graduates, I was not 100% sure what I wanted to do after college, but joining Kepak I was given the exposure to a number of different areas in the business before deciding on Human Resources. I started my programme on the factory floor, working in Operations in the Boning Hall and Abattoir.


Every day is different here and I am learning something new every day. Kepak offer great opportunities and training for graduates. They have provided training courses throughout the programme for development. I feel the programme has developed me both personally and professionally. It is brilliant to get experience in other departments as you can see how all link together to work as a team.