Graduate Degree

BSc Food Marketing & Entrepreneurship (UCC)

Current Position in Kepak

NPD Technologist with Kepak Foodservice Solutions

Kepak Career Timeline

Following my graduation from UCC, I began the Kepak Graduate Management Programme as a New Product Development Graduate in Kepak Foodservice Solutions, Blanchardstown in August 2017. I am currently a New Product Development Technologist, working in the Foodservice Solutions area of the business.

Key Projects, Achievements & Highlights So Far

The Kepak Graduate Management Programme provided me with the perfect career start in the Irish Food Industry. When I applied for the programme, I really did not know what to expect. Since the beginning, I have been exposed to many different projects and situations which I feel has allowed me to gain knowledge & experience of different areas of the business and industry.

I have received great support over my time in Kepak and I feel this has allowed me to develop both personally and professionally. In year two of the graduate programme, I completed the IBEC Diploma in Professional Competency in conjunction with TUID. This was a brilliant experience and highlighted some of the key strengths required to grow and develop in the workplace.

So far, Kepak has been a great learning experience for me. I have made many great friends and I really look forward to what the future holds. I have had many highlights over my time with Kepak. I have been very lucky to get exposure to some really exciting and strategic projects. One of the key projects I worked on was the launch of the Blended Burger range. Kepak launched the Beefroot & Moo-Shroom burger in early 2019. These products were launched in response to the growing flexitarian trends we are seeing in the marketplace.

I have also had involvement with product launches with many of our sister Kepak sites. This is something I have really enjoyed. It has provided me with exposure to manufacturing environments while also building some really strong relationships along the way.

Kepak is a fast-paced environment and no two days are the same here. As well as my day to day work I have attended many tradeshows abroad, visited our customers to help them optimize the cooking of our products & also visited our suppliers all around the world. This is something I have really enjoyed.



The Kepak Graduate Programme gives dynamic, hardworking and committed graduates an opportunity to join our diverse team.



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