People Spotlight: Maria Hester, Agriculture

Maria Hester is a Procurement Assistant for Kepak Group. Maria plays a big part in organising agriculture events we run throughout the year. Maria spoke to us for #IWD2020, learn more about Maria and her role as our Procurement Assistant here.

People Spotlight: Victoria Antoniades, Health & Nutrition

Ahead of #IWD2020, we spoke to Victoria Antoniades, Head of Marketing for Kepak Meat Division about her role within Kepak Group and her passion for Health & Nutrition. You can find out more about Victoria and her career with Kepak here.

People Spotlight: Kate O’Driscoll, Sustainability

Meet Kate, she leads the sustainability strategy for Kepak Group, where she helps to protect our environment. Kate spoke to us as part of our #IWD2020 series. Find out more about Kate and her role as Group Head of Sustainability.

People Spotlight: Elaine Bourke, Innovation

As part of our #IWD2020 series, we’d like to introduce you to our Innovation Director, Elaine Bourke. Elaine works tirelessly to make sure @KepakGroup remains one step ahead of the game.

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