Kepak team up with Warrendale Wagyu & Munster Bovine

Innovative Wagyu Calf to Beef Programme launches in Ireland

• Warrendale Wagyu Ireland to partner with Munster Bovine and Kepak as part of new supplier programme
• Farmers who join the new Warrendale Wagyu Ireland Programme will receive a guaranteed payment of €200 for their Wagyu calves
• Information evenings will be held in Cork and Limerick in December to promote this exciting new Programme

Warrendale Wagyu currently working in partnership with over 750 farmers in the UK, is extending its offering to Ireland and is hosting information evenings in December to promote its innovative supplier programme. This will be of strong interest to Irish Dairy farmers looking for a guaranteed market outlet for their calves and joining a programme with environmental and economic benefits.

Warrendale Wagyu has a long track record of working in partnership with farmers to produce great tasting Wagyu beef that is in high demand from the market and now partners with Munster Bovine and Kepak Group to develop the supply chain in Ireland under the Warrendale Wagyu Ireland brand.

Farmers who produce Wagyu under this heifer and steer programme will benefit from a guaranteed €200 payment for their four-week-old calf, as well as an additional €50 premium to the breeder after the animal has been processed.

Research has shown that a Wagyu dairy breed cross is effective at producing easy calving and hardy animals with outstanding eating quality and excellent sustainability credentials. Warrendale Wagyu Ireland aims to deliver an outlet for calves through the highest animal welfare standards and deliver high quality carcass on a consistent basis.

Warrendale Wagyu Ireland will host three information evenings which will take place across Munster in December to outline the benefits for farmers who sign up to the programme. Speaking about the upcoming events and the benefits of Wagyu production for Irish calf breeders, Tom Richardson, Warrendale Wagyu Managing Director said: “We are looking forward to speaking to farmers at our upcoming series of events taking place in December. The Wagyu breed is an ideal fit for Irish dairy beef breeders and the Warrendale Wagyu Programme structure is perfectly positioned to guarantee a financial return for farmers and market outlet for Wagyu dairy cross calves. We are passionate about working with farmers across all stages of the supply chain to promote the highest quality meat that is in huge demand from the market. We are delighted to be supported by Munster Bovine and Kepak in growing this endeavour in Ireland.” Doreen Corridan, Munster Bovine CEO, added: “We are delighted to welcome Warrendale Wagyu Ireland to our series of Dairy Beef Events across our territory. The Munster Bovine Dairy Beef Programme is focused on offering the best genetics to our dairy farmers ensuring they get maximum value for their calves in addition to the security of easy calving and short gestation. Calf purchasers need a high CBV healthy calf to ensure profitability and also need to be able to conveniently source calves direct from dairy herdowners. We welcome the team from Warrendale Wagyu and also look forward to meeting herd owners for what will be a very informative series of meetings in preparation for the 2024 calving season.”

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