Passion For Foods Series: Traditional Sunday Roast: Leg of Lamb

As the long weekend approaches, we are looking at a traditional roast leg of lamb. Served with potatoes, carrots, peppers and red onion, this dish is the perfect family roast for a special occasion.

Not only is lamb a delicious, indulgent Sunday roast, it also contains several beneficial nutrients for optimum health. Each 100g portion provides over 35% of the recommended daily allowance for protein, supporting growth, repair and hormone regulation. It is also rich in vitamin B12 contributing to a healthy brain and nervous system. Zinc is also plentiful in lamb leg and is heavily involved in the production of immune cells needed to fight infection.

Did you know?

You can make the most out of your leg of lamb and use the remaining meat as leftovers on Monday to ensure you’re getting the most out of your leg of lamb and there is no waste!

The leftover meat can be used in a healthy lamb and vegetable stir fry.

*Rich in niacin, vitamin B12 and zinc and source of vitamin B6, potassium, phosphorus and pantothenic acid.


Leg of Lamb /  Potatoes / Carrots / Peppers / Red Onion / Garlic / Fresh Herbs


#1. Preheat oven to 220°C, season the lamb leg with salt, pepper & fresh herbs, roast in the oven at this high heat for 30mins to colour the meat and generate lots of flavour.

Tip: Remove the Leg of Lamb from the fridge at least 30mins before cooking, this will relax the meat and give a more succulent roast

Tip: Place the lamb leg on a wire rack in your roasting tray so that any fat will drain away from the joint

#2. Reduce the oven temperature to 170°C and cook for 30mins per 500g. Remove from oven and rest for 30mins. The cooking juices (minus the cookout fat) can be used as a gravy

Pro Tip: Resting your meat is very important, as it allows the meat to relax and meat juices to redistribute throughout the joint. This will result in juicier and tastier slices once carved with less juice loss when carving!

#3. As the Lamb Leg comes to the end of cooking, prepare the veg & potatoes for roasting (retain all offcuts) and roast in the hot oven.

After resting, carve the lamb and enjoy!

Pro Tip: When carving a leg of lamb cut 2 or 3 lengthwise slices from the section of meat facing you. Turn the roast up so that it sits on a board. Hold the meat steady using a meat fork inserted into the meat opposite the shank bone. Cut across the grain in uniform thin slices of 2–3cm thickness. Cut all the way along the bone until all the meat is off the bone.

To eliminate waste, retain all lamb bones and offcuts and prepare a lamb broth the following day using water, root vegetables, tomatoes, herbs and peppercorns. After a few hours simmering to generate flavours, finish with leafy greens

Any other leftover meat can be used in a quick and healthy stirfry with vegetables.

Enjoy a heartful meal with your family!
Happy Cooking!