Kepak launch first-ever Omega 3 enriched beef at SIAL

Other new product innovations being unveiled include a range of ‘blended burgers” in response to growing flexitarian trend.

Kepak Group is set to unveil its latest product innovation – the first Omega 3 enriched beef – this week at the influential Global Food Marketplace trade fair, SIAL, in France.

Kepak’s Omega 3 beef innovation was produced through a three-year collaboration with Alltech and is achieved by feeding cattle with a specialised algae supplement during the finishing phase. This means the beef reaches the required level of enrichment for Omega 3 accreditation.

Other innovations set to be unveiled by Kepak at the Paris based food-fair include the “Beefroot Burger”, featuring succulent grass fed Irish beef, blended with sweet beetroot and crunchy quinoa. This product is part of Big Al’s new and exciting healthy and ecologically sustainable blended burger range which has been developed in response to the growing flexitarian and health trends with more exciting blends joining the range soon.

Commenting on the new product innovations, John Horgan, Managing Director, Kepak Group, said: “The new product innovations from Kepak, particularly our Omega 3 beef and blended burger range, unveiled at SIAL this week is further proof of how Kepak is pioneering innovation in food. Our innovations are a direct response to market demands and are driven by emerging trends as more and more of our customers are looking to us to provide them with healthy, environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable food options. I have no doubt that these new product innovations from Kepak will be received well at SIAL, which is a very important event for us as a business.”

Commenting on the Omega 3 project collaboration Richard Dudgeon, Regional Manager Alltech Northern Ireland said: “Alltech and Kepak have always had a close relationship in terms of developing nutritional solutions which help meet the needs of beef producers. This has been taken one step further using Kepak’s Farm Centre of Excellence and after 3 years of extensive research we have developed an Omega 3 enriched beef product. This product adds a whole new dimension to the beef industry and with several key health benefits of Omega 3’s it is sure to have positive impact in the future for both producers and consumers.”

Kepak will join 7,020 companies from some 109 countries that will be presenting their products to retail and foodservice professionals at SIAL. All manner of food products, from ingredients through equipment to end products, will be on show, across 21 exhibition sectors.

In addition to its new product innovations, Kepak representatives will be engaging with other exhibitors and visitors to SIAL, addressing the impacts of changing lifestyles on food consumption trends and on the importance of playing our role in delivering on the environmental and economic sustainability challenges in the meat sectors through better animal husbandry and through continuous food innovation to optimise value. Our Slow Cooked and Consumer Foods ranges of products and our Master Taste Approved accreditation for our beef and lamb products are prime examples of this strategy.

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