Greene Farm has just come off the back of a hugely successful summer campaign for the brand.   The campaign was inspired by the brand’s passion of convenience, versatility and naturally free from additives, gluten and …. Hassle. The campaign was designed to appeal to our target audience while creating awareness and engagement with the brand, after a period of little activity.

Greene Farm are delighted to team up with Niamh Kavanagh winner of Celebrity Master Chef and TV personality Baz Ashmazy. This partnership allowed the Greene farm brand direct access to thousands of social media followers and provide fun and relevant content to them.

Also included in the campaign were social media competitions, recipe videos with Niamh Kavanagh and fun and engaging ‘get active with the kids’ video featuring Baz and Coach Eamonn, with total Impressions over 7.4 million.

In-store tastings targeted the busy mum, who is constantly juggling to offer natural and healthy solutions to a variety of meals…without the hassle. A total of 50 tastings took place nationwide.

We ended the brilliant campaign with some on-street sampling with Spin FM and 98fm, where over 4,000 packs of our delicious brand were given out to Dublin commuters.

With a strong brand and loyal audience, it is great to be able to reward our consumers in this way, and we will continue with this fun and engaging platform for the remainder of the year with our next campaign of #naturallyfreefrom.