Kepak Sign UK Soy Manifesto

Kepak along with leading brands including Tesco, Nestlé, Sainsbury’s, KFC UK & Ireland and McDonald’s have signed up to UK Soy Manifesto to cut to cut deforestation and conversion-linked soy from our supply chains by 2025. In order to ensure rapid progress towards this goal, all signatories have agreed to:

– Set a robust deforestation- and conversion-free commitment – so no soy arriving in the UK is responsible for habitats being cleared for agriculture after January 2020
– Ask direct suppliers to adopt the same commitment – and require that of their suppliers as well
– Write Manifesto commitments into contracts and supporting suppliers to ensure targets are met
– Publicly share details of their progress
– Support improved reporting in order to check that soy coming into the UK is not responsible for deforestation or destruction of other ecosystems.

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